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About me


I try to capture the essence of time in my work, something which can be seen in weathered surfaces, pebbles or crustacean covered sea objects.


All my pieces are vessels with a growing form to them. They are all thrown often upside down or in sections. Sometimes cutting sections away from the thrown piece and rejoining altering the form. Shapes evolve from piece to piece, carrying through ideas from one to another.


I studied at Camberwell School of Art where, Takashi Yasadu, Colin Pearson and Ewen Henderson’s work and teaching, made a big impression on me. Other influences apart from an enjoyment in the working properties of the clay itself and the glaze materials are: Medieval English and Japanese Ceramics and the work of Hans Copper and Lucie Rie.


I work with stoneware clay and use silicon carbide in my slips under a barium glaze, fired to 1250 C which causes the glaze to pit and pull away from itself into globules, creating that eroded look.


I continue to develop new colours and textures in the glazes and look for inspiration in my surroundings on the beach and costal landscapes.


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